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Explore, unwind and discover your true nature with Prana Adventures

Explore, unwind and discover your true nature with Prana Adventures

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Join us on our inspiring retreats set in beautiful natural landscapes – mind, body, and soul adventures for true wellbeing, rejuvenation, healing and deep transformation.

Bringing you an experience of a lifetime, we craft the most authentic retreats in nature. Combining yoga, meditation and reiki, our unique approach supports personal growth and transformation - and reminds our participants of the beautiful nature which exists not only all around them, but with themselves too.

Let us guide you into deeper connections to your heart, body, breath, and being so that we may remember the sacredness that we are, move through whatever blocks or beliefs we may have that keep us from resting in the love, peace, and beauty that we are.



Six-night Summer Solstice Gathering for healing transformation at Vale de Moses, Portugal. 17-23 June 2018.

Connect with the raw power of nature – immerse yourself in natural sounds and the ambience of the forest, mountains and rivers. Enter in to a world of being rather than simply existing.



One-day Cotswold Cleanse Yoga Retreat for rejuvenation at Paxford, in the Cotswolds, UK. 28 April 2018.

Rest and rejuvenate on this idyllic English country house day yoga and wellbeing retreat. Practice Vinyasa and Yin yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and relish delicious organic plant-based food for detoxication and purification. Enjoy a mini Reiki treatment and country walks to rediscover your wellbeing.



Cristina Chandika Ma is the founder and teacher of The Yoga Bunch. She has studied and practiced yoga for the past 20 years and holds the highest level of certification by Yoga Alliance professionals UK – senior yoga teacher (SYT).

She is a resident yoga teacher at the award-winning Bamford Haybarn spa in Daylesford, Gloucestershire, where she teaches yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats.

Cristina’s teachings are based in the unity of body, mind and soul, through deep asana, powerful alignment, mudra, pranayama, meditation and mantra. She is an innovative, visionary spirit with a deep devotion to heart alchemy. Her life mission is to ignite transformation and healing.

Jo Fellows is a reiki master/teacher, yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance International) and meditation teacher (BSoM). Her classes and treatments are designed to revitalise your spirit and restore balance to your mind and body.

She is the reiki healer at the award-winning Bamford Haybarn spa in Daylesford, Gloucestershire, and teaches reiki, yoga and meditation classes at the Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham, and yoga for Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga studios.

Teaching with great sensitivity, compassion and care, Jo is committed to teaching and empowering anyone who is on their journey to seek themselves and their joy whether through reiki, yoga or meditation.


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